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  • equipments-Tape-dispenser
  • equipments-Tape-dispenser
  • equipments-Tape-dispenser

Hand tape dispenser

h. mm. 75 / mm. 50
Materials PVC / PST / Moplen / Hostaform / Nylon 6 natural
Blade Steel
Dimensions cm. 25x9x14
cm. 26x6x16
Weight g. 490
Note Easy to load dispensers. - Adjustable brake to control tension. - Metal and high-impact plastic construction for durable long-life performance.
  • equipments-Horizontal-cutter
  • equipments-Horizontal-cutter

Horizontal cutter

Application 4 spinning-wheels cutting machine for corrugated paperboard, airball polyethylene, expanded polyethylene up to 6 mm. Clean and accurate cut, interchangeable blades, 2 braking wheels, single or double spinning roll holders on adjustable supports.
  • Stretch wrap machine
  • Stretch wrap machine

Stretch wrap machine

Application Automatic / Semiautomatic

ELMA seal machine – light bags

Application Just push the pedal and ELMA closes its jaws, seals and re-opens automatically. Once you pre-set sealing time and cooling time, you can be sure that all sealings will be perfect. You can also set the sealer on automatic mode: sealing cycles will be repeated with the cadence you pre-set on the timer, without using the pedal any more.
ELMA can seal any medium-large bag up to 80µ thick with a 3 mm wide impulse seal.
Maximum bag width can be cm 45 or 60, according to the model you choose.

AS Series – cm. 45, cm. 60, cm. 100 with cutter.

Application This sealers can be used to close and/or make bags from polyethylene tubular rolls of any length. Sealing is 3mm. wide. A sliding knife on the upper jaw allows to cut the film at a 5mm. distance from sealing. You can thus make the bags you need for your product. After filling the bags, you even can seal them. Sealing time and cooling time are regulated by independent timers. Movement of the jaws is operated by a magnet. As soon as the pedal is pushed, the sealing cycle starts. The jaws will re-open automatically at the end of cycle. AS sealers are available in 45 cm., 60 cm. or 100cm. wide.

Manual seal machine - TIS series – magnetic lock

A step further in manual sealing.
Application TIS sealers with magnet are small, user friendly and cheap, such as the solenoid-less basic model.
Here below the main important features:
- Upper arm always lowered manually, then held down automatically by a magnet, all sealing cycle long (sealing and cooling time);
- Upper arm automatically rising up at the end of the sealing cycle;
- Double timer allowing a separate regulation of sealing and cooling time.
- No physical efforts needed, constant and granted sealing results.

MS 3 seal machine for pallet-covering caps

Application This sealer can make big bags from tubular rolls of standard or shrink polyethylene, up to 150µ thick, with or without side gussets.
Bags can be up to 150cm. wide, any length (180cm. wide on request).
Film is pulled manually, while a meter counter reads the length you have pulled, so that you don't need a big table in front of the sealer. By MS3 sealers you can make pallet covers, covers for furniture and household appliances, bags for mattresses, protective covers for plants, and all large heavy duty bags.

MN instant seal machine

Also recommended for airbal l PE, expanded PE, nonwoven.
Application It cuts and seals immediately by hot wire; PE surplus is cut off from bags. Resulting thin seal is well recommended for polyethylene bags up to 100µ, containing clothing, brochures, toys and any kind of soft objects. Not recommended for liquids or powders. The more powerful version M45 can easily seal expanded PE or bubble film, commonly used for packing fragile items such as electronics, jewellery, glass or ceramics.
Sealing bar is always hot and requires no regulation.